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Advances in medicine and improvements in life quality has led to an increase in the life expectancy of the general population. An ageing world population have placed demands on the use of assistive technology and, in particular, towards novel healthcare devices and sensors. Besides the electromagnetic field immunity, polymer optical fiber (POF) sensors have additional advantages due to their ... Optical fiber — A bundle of optical fibers A TOSLINK fiber optic audio c … Plastic Optical Fiber — Die Polymer optische Faser (POF, englisch: Polymeric optical fiber) ist ein Kunststoff...Polymer Optical Fiber Manufacturing - Fiber Drawing Overview; Preform Heating; Fiber Drawing; Heating Instabilities; A schematic of the fiber drawing system is shown below. A preform is fed into the furnace at a specified speed. The preform is heated within the furnace and becomes soft allowing it to be pulled into a fiber.