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Jan 28, 2014 · In its place was a typewritten letter informing me that my wife had moved out and moved on and all communication should take place through her attorney. I realize there’s no way my pain can be ... Experience has taught me that most marriages will face seasons where one or both spouses feel a certain amount of neglect. If left unchecked, this season can morph into a new reality where it’s difficult to find a restart and the marriage can tragically end in either a divorce or a life of disgruntled coexisting without true love or partnership. How do I get my son to talk to me [ 25 Answers ] Hi I am new here. I have a nineteen year old son. Just over a year ago his father and I broke up. I left him. My son and I were still seeing each other and talking but he was very angry and treated me badly most of the time but I kept trying . His dad and I both live with other people. My...